About Our Company


We are a young start-up dedicated to developing and building great and novel technology for sports and training, both recreational and professional. Our first and favorite product, RushTrainer, was created with a great passion for football, and the desire to make everyone a better player and to improve the sport itself. RT is in the final stages of development and we are excited to start pre-order soon. Check back with us to see how RT is evolving and getting ready for shipping.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, let us know here.

 The Team



I'm a PhD student at UofM doing research in robotics. I also fly planes, design and build UAVs and make the best barbecue in Ann Arbor. I've been playing football all my life, and the original idea for RushTrainer came from my dad, who has played and coached football in Nebraska.


Привет! I'm originally from Siberia, where temperatures often fall below -50 C. So I came to Michigan to warm up a little and to study Electrical Engineering. When I'm not working on RushTrainer, I like to play soccer and design numerical continuation techniques for reachability analysis of uncertain energy systems, for fun.



I'm currently an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. I have spent my time at the university exploring multidisciplinary design and global business. Growing up with five brothers, everything was a competition. Sports have always been a point of emphasis in my life and my passion continues to this day whether I'm in the stands or on the field.